Website Development and Support

TIP:  The fastest way to leverage your web presence is to start with a sharp basic webpage that can be found by your clientele and referenced in advertising materials such as business cards and promotional items. Then add website features and functionality over time.


 Advantage Web Site Services Basic Website Includes:

 1.) Main index page with company description text

 2.) Image or 4 image fade-in slide show

 3.) Horizontal navigation menu

     a. Menu pages limited to

         i. Map (if requested)

         ii. Contact Us/About Us

         iii. 3 text pages of client’s choice.

 4.) Address block with complete contact information

 5.) Search Engine Friendly site development included.

 6.) Responsive design for common screen sizes on smart phones, tablets, PC

 7.) Website Support Services (see below)

Pricing Option 1:

Customized Website Design and Setup:

This option includes an original design and customized pages per your exact specifications. The Advantage is that you will have a unique presence on the web.

With monthly retainer plan (see below)     11.5 hours at $70/hr. => $800

Without monthly retainer plan:                   11.5 hours at $80/hr. => $920 and DONE!

Pricing Option 2:

Budget Website Setup :

This option includes using a basic site template such as 'Weebly' for a quick and inexpensive landing page. The advantage here is the low cost of getting started.  The drawback, if any, is that another business could have a similar website appearance if they used the same template. Once a Template is setup, you can begin to re-design and improve it over time with Advantage Web Site Services.

With monthly retainer plan                        7 hours at $70/hr. => $490

Without monthly retainer plan:                  7 hours at $80/hr. => $560 and DONE!


 Website Support Services Provided in Monthly Retainer:

1.  On-Call for support and maintenance

 2. 24/7 hosting server management.

 3. Web site hosting and domain name registration and management.

 4. Email account set up and configuration.

 5. Small Design changes/additions.

 6. Cross browser compatibility testing with:

     a. Windows 10/ Microsoft Edge , Windows 10/ Internet Explorer 9,Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox

7. ‘Text’ contact capability, maintenance and support

 8. Industry research and technology evaluation for implementation on website.


Website Support and Maintenance/Monthly Retainer Pricing :

Monthly Retainer for 6 months:                 $300/mth* (best option).     Includes everything regardless of actual hours.

Without a 6 month retainer agreement, services are absolutely available at an hourly rate of $80/hour.


NOTE: Once you have an active website, you will want changes made to reflect your marketing, to add features, check on status, etc.. My experience is that most but not all websites require attention for at least 1 hour a week to stay relevant. And more when the website is new and content is being added.

* If your site includes Additional Services the monthly mainenance fee may be more than listed depending on individual site service requirements.

 Additional Services:

1. Custom database development for transaction processing and information.

 2. Administrative reports about website usage

 3. Photo or product galleries,

4. Custom forms

 5. Shopping Carts or Online credit card payment setup

 6. Active Search Engine Optimization for key markets

7. Social Media presence and maintenance

 8. Social Media Marketing

 9. Statistics Tracking

10. Active Link building

11. Email Newsletter support


These services are available if they are applicable to your business needs. I have many years of experience implementing complex data solutions for internet businesses and can advise you on which features are most applicable for your website and how much it will cost on a case by case basis.