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Advantage Web Site Services LLC

Programming since 1987 with evolving computer technology

Advantage Web Site Services provides development and Installation of custom websites for business.

I received my degree in Management Science and Computer Systems in 1990 and have programmed on everything from tiny Apple PC's that only had 16k of RAM, COBOL mainframes, and HTML when it was first developed for enhanced documentation in the 1990's. I've programmed with open source LINUX based systems, and Microsoft Windows based systems. I have written manuals on the System Development Life Cycle for corporate IT Departments, and am an expert at Customer Requirements and Technical Architecture definition as they apply to websites. I have written websites since 1998 and served a multitude of customer businesses from Mortgage Appraisal Websites, Industry Websites, Second Ammendment Websites,  Spas, Beading, Sewing Shops,etc..  All of which add to my arsenal of existing code and experience.

Some of my customers' websites have required complex transaction processing solutions that run behind the scenes of their websites. I am proficient at architecting these solutions for enterprise-wide information management.
I also can whip out a basic website or fix up an incomplete template (very common!). I am confident that I can find a fit for you!

" You have a business to run! I will make your website work for you! " - Lisa

Give your business an Advantage:  Email Me      I will respond by the end of the day!